About Us

At YES Prep Southwest we believe strong culture and community are essential to student achievement. We create systems, structures, and routines, to create school-wide consistency, creativity and achievement for students and staff. It is critical that we create a high-quality culture, so students develop the character and academic skills needed to graduate from college prepared to lead.

We use our core values, discipline system, praise, and feedback to create school pride and safety, focus on learning, and foster relationships based on respect and kindness. This will ultimately lead to student achievement and success at YES Prep Southwest and beyond.

We are believers and achievers who prove what is possible in education. This mission is driven by our core values of social justice, community, and continuous improvement.


Founded In: 2004 

  • Grades Served: 6-12 

  • Mascot: The Mavericks 

  • Mission:  ALL children have the right to educational opportunity. 

  • Core Values: Build Community, Fight for Education Equity, Commit to Continuous Improvement. 


About YES Prep Public Schools, Inc. 

Since 1995, YES Prep Public Schools has redefined what is possible in public education. We are a system of high-performing public charter schools proving that students from underserved communities can achieve at the highest academic levels. Our exceptional results demonstrate that better outcomes are not only possible, but also probable, when school systems build a culture of high expectations, and create effective support systems to ensure that student achievement is at the forefront of every decision made. 


Our Charter School Status 

Charter schools are public schools intended as champions for education innovation. Charter schools are free from some of the regulations and red tape of traditional public schools.  

While we are a public school, some of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools do not apply to us. We do not have contracts for teachers, we are not required to provide duty free lunches to our teachers, and we can set our own academic calendar and hours of operation, providing more learning time for our students and subject to the Texas Education Agency.  

In Texas, charter schools receive state funding, but must raise funds privately to account for resources not funded by the government.  

Along with this freedom comes a heightened sense of expectations for our staff and our students. Our mission is only possible if we hold ourselves, each other, and each of our students to the highest standards of performance and behavior.