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Back to School registration forms due August 12, 2022

Classes begin August 15, 2022 - Doors open at 8:00 AM. 

Students will not be supervised before 8:00AM

See below for dress code policy and school supplies 

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Summer Trip with Ms. Lowery 

Pura Vida! That is the universal greeting in Costa Rica when saying hello and goodbye, the response to someone asking you how your day was and the way the locals live everyday life.  

I had the pleasure of being the chaperone for 8 students at YPSW in Costa Rica this summer, to experience an opportunity of a lifetime! Some of the things were able to experience were, taking dance lessons, visiting a coffee plantation, going to the beach, soaking at the hot springs, kayaking, ziplining, hiking, white-water rafting, and making candy from scratch! During this trip students were also able to leave their mark on the country by planting a tree to aid in a reforestation project. As we were led from San Jose, to Arenal, Monteverde and to Jaco, students were able to experience the country by bus and saw so many amazing sights along their journey.   

I couldn’t help but appreciate seeing our kids, experience the world with so much wonder and gratitude! They had an opportunity to meet new people and learn about a different culture through its food, music, dance and art. Most of all, I believe the students were able to see themselves in a different light and also learned something about themselves and the world at large. “Pura Vida” or “Pure Life”, is a phrase that we internalized more and more each day while on the trip, and now is a motto we aim to live by. Here is what our scholars had to say!  

Q: Tell me something you have learned about Costa Rica. 

A: “Costa Rica has mostly wet weather, laws to protect their animals, more than half the country is covered by forests, there is NO military, the food is great and people value what they have.” 

Q: What did you learn or realize about the US? 

A: “The US is polluted and crowded, we have lots of unnecessary things, we are more modernized, and that the US is a little bland in terms of having robust forests.” 

Q: What did you learn about yourself while on this trip? 

A: “That we love interacting with others, learned how to be independent and responsible while having fun, not to be “scared-ish” of heights, and trying new foods can be something beneficial and fun! “ 

Q: What was your special/favorite moment? When you realized you were in CR. 

A: “When we stood in the 3 hour customs line to get a passport stamp, long bus rides from city to city, celebrating a Birthday at the waterfall, and when we were surrounded by volcanoes.”  

Q: What was the funniest moment?? 

A: Everyone agreed that their funniest moment was at the beach, getting dragged by the waves    

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