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September 26 - VIP Attendance Challenge

September 27 - Lockdown Drill

September 30 - Cheer Fundraiser - see information below 

Look in Athletics section for schedules to the Maverick games 

Hispanic Herirage Month event - Loteria Night on October 7

Possip Family Pulse Check Short Survey - October 6 

October 10-14 - Common Assessment Testing 


Updated Communications

This year, we’ll continue to send family notifications in several different ways. It’s crucial that we have all addresses, phone numbers, and emails updated with your most recent contact information. Family contact information is updated each summer when re-enrollment is completed. If your or your student’s contact information has changed since this summer, please contact the front office and email your updated information to SWFO2@yesprep.org. Southwest posts weekly family updates HERE and we’ll be sending weekly updates via text message as well. For important non-emergency updates, Southwest will send emails of phone calls at the end of the day (after 4 or 5pm). For emergency updates (safety, lockdowns, immediate threats) Southwest will send communications via email, phone call, and text message as quickly as possible. We encourage all families to always monitor your personal communication devices for important school updates. Southwest is committed to sending non-urgent communications at the end of the day so you’ll only be contacted by the campus during work or school hours for a true emergency. Please keep in mind that teachers or staff may contact you via text message or email during the day for class specific updates.

Attendance Updates

This year, YES Prep’s attendance policies are back in place. That means that students may not miss more than 10% of their academic classes. If any students miss more than 9 days of school in a semester, they will automatically be retained (repeat the grade level) or require payments to attend credit recovery. (Credit recovery traditionally costs $100 per credit lost). If students miss more than FIVE days of school, they will be at risk for retention (repeating the grade level) or require payments to attend credit recovery. Please ensure that your students are at school every single day unless sick or attending a required appointment. Excuse notes from a medical professional are accepted in the front office within 24 hours of the student absence. For more questions about attendance, please contact your Dean of Students.

Lockdown Drill on Tuesday, September 27th:

On Tuesday, September 27th, Southwest will complete a practice Lockdown Drill. This drill will be announced to all staff and students and it is meant to help all of Southwest ensure we’re prepared for any emergencies. If you or your students may be triggered by practicing this drill, please review THIS GUIDE/ ESTA GUIA for best practices and additional resources for how to talk with your students about former trauma.

Common Assessments

Common Assessments (our most important student exams that count for as much as 10% of an overall student’s grade) will be taking place on October 10th- October 14th. Please ensure that your students are present for each and every test that week as attendance is mandatory. Students can prepare for their exams by studying review guides, practcicing tests online, and making sure they’re present for class each and every day. We encourage all Maverick families to talk with your students and remind them of the importance of these exams and how they can impact your student’s future.

VIP Attendance Challenge:

Starting on Monday September 26th, studetns that are present for the next 13 days of school (all days leading up to and during Common Assessments) will earn a special VIP Attendance award and be invited to an exclusive VIP party at the end of the school day on Thursday October 14th. Please help encourage all Mavericks to attend school every day for the next few weeks.

Mav Strong Day

As we approach the one-year anniversary of October 1st, I want to acknowledge that this date continues to impact us all differently. This year, on Friday September 30th, we will host our first ever Mav Strong Day, in recognition of the unity and strength of the Southwest community, and we will encourage all staff, students, and families to wear Maverick gear or Southwest colors on that day. Additionally, we will have a large banner available during lunch that students and staff can sign, use to write messages of gratitude, or share personal reflections. This banner will be shared across social media and with former staff as a means of gratitude for the bravery, persistence, and love that the Southwest community continues to pour into our campus. I know that many of you and your students are in different stages of processing everything that happened on that day, and this time of the year will continue to impact you differently. I always (but particularly in these coming days) encourage all of the Maverick community to pay close attention to our physical and mental health. Take time to love and care for your students and your families. Visit with your primary-health and mental-health care professionals for guidance on how to individually process and cope with additional trauma that may be triggered by the proximity of the October first date. If you find your students or yourselves struggling with where to go for specific help, please check out THIS GUIDE/ ESTA GUIA for best practices and additional resources to help support your students during this time of the year.

Thank You- Open House

Thank you to ALL of our families that came out to Open House over the past several weeks. We always appreciate the opportunity to meet and collaborate with our Maverick Families. Be on the lokoout for our next MFA (Maverick Family Assosciation) Meeting to learn more about the campus and ways you can be involved this year. Thanks!


Possip Family Pulse Check Short Survey

Parents, your voice matters! We need to hear what's working for you and what your family needs. This year we will send routine text messages and emails with a few simple questions asking for feedback on your experience with school. You will receive these messages from Possip, an organization we have partnered with to learn your needs. The official system-wide pulse check will be sent out on October 6th. Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your feedback.

¡Padres, su voz importa! Necesitamos escuchar lo que está funcionando para usted y lo que su familia necesita. Este año enviaremos mensajes de texto y correos electrónicos de rutina con algunas preguntas simples que solicitan comentarios sobre su experiencia con la escuela. Recibirá estos mensajes de Possip, una organización con la que nos hemos asociado para conocer sus necesidades. El control de pulso oficial de todo el sistema se enviará el 6de octubre. Gracias por tomarse unos minutos para compartir sus comentarios.

Resources can be found on the district website https://www.yesprep.org/families/get-involved

Please save the date for Loteria Night on Friday, October 7, 2022 from 5-7pm brought to you by Hispanic Heritage Month Committee. 

Food, drinks & prizes for all who come! Please RSVP in the link below as only the first 200 people will be allowed in! Hope y'all can join us for a night filled with fun for our SW families.


For more information contact Manager of Student Enrichment: brian.chavez@yesprep.org  

 Summer Trip to Europe's Mediterranean Coast - Not Sponsoreed by YES Prep 

First page of the PDF file: Europetrip2023_1

Please click on the link below with the game schedules and come check out the Mavericks!


Cheer Fundraiser

First page of the PDF file: PandaExpressFlyerCheerFundraiser

ACE: Welcomes FLAS,INC (Fundacion Latino Americana de Accion Social) to SW.  FLASINC will be providing a series of workshops to 8th graders/high school students. 

The goal is to educate and empower our youth and young adults to make better decisions that can positively impact their lives and their loved ones. These workshops will increase HIV/STD awareness and decrease substance use risk behaviors. The project will also focus on the prevention of teen pregnancy, violent relationships, and academic failure.

Any student in 8th grade or high school, who is interested in forming part of a series of informative sessions, please see Mrs. Valencia in room 109 (front office) to obtain a parent/student consent form. 

Workshops will happen after school during the following dates & times:

Monday, September 19th

Monday, September 26th

Monday, October 3rd

Wednesday, October 12th

*All will happen from 4:00-6:00 pm. (after school hours during ACE programming). These workshops will also allow students to earn 8 hours of community service and can be added to their college resume. 

For more questions or information please contact Mrs. Valencia: elizabeth.valencia@yesprep.org 

First page of the PDF file: Fallschedule2022updated_1
First page of the PDF file: clubcontactinformationupdated_1







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